American Haitian Foundation


A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwestern Haiti Saturday, Aug. 14. St. Michael’s has long partnered with the American Haitian Foundation (AHF) which assists at CESA, a Catholic school in Petite Riviere de Nippes, an impoverished town directly affected by the earthquake which has killed upwards of 2,000 and injured at least 7,000. St. Michael’s has received regular reports from our liaison with AHF, who tells us that the CESA school has sustained structural damage and that many people living in the surrounding community had their homes destroyed. Those whose homes are still standing are afraid to enter the structures because of recurring aftershocks, and are sleeping outside. The AHF is in the process of setting up a community feeding and clean water center on the grounds of the CESA school to help provide basic needs for the students, their families, and the larger community. St. Michael’s will support our friends in Haiti by holding a special Corporal Works of Mercy Collection, Sept. 4-5. You may also give online at anytime by clicking here. Please be generous and consider contributing to this urgent need. St. Michael’s families have supported Fr. Granjean of the CESA School and participated in the “Adopt-a-Student” program for many years now, and we ask you to consider those individual students and their families in the wake of this terrible tragedy.



Our Corporal Works of Mercy Ministry partners with the American Haitian Foundation to assist with the exceptional education provided at CESA, a Catholic school in Petite Riviere de Nippes, one of many impoverished towns in Haiti. 

The American Haitian Foundation is dedicated to working with Haitians to improve their future by providing a quality education for students that empowers them to be self-reliant and to make positive contributions in their communities. Education is the building block for future community development and the best tool at combating poverty.

Each year in November, St. Michael’s Parish hosts a student sponsorship fair. Parishioners sponsor a student for $200 per year. This ensures that the children of CESA receive a first-class education, a hot meal every day, uniforms and a yearly physical exam.