Colombia Sin Fronteras

Colombia Sin Fronteras is a small literacy school of approximately 200 children in rural Santa Marta, Colombia. This very poor community is made up of people who were displaced from the Civil War that ravaged the region more than 15 years ago. The families of these students have experienced violence, homelessness, and extreme poverty. By educating the children, St. Michael’s is helping to break the circle of poverty. At the center, younger children learn to read and write before attending school. The older students receive homework and test assistance, psychological counseling as needed, and all the children receive a Catholic-based foundation. They count on this school for clean water. The daily lunch they are served is sometimes the only meal they will eat that day. With the support of Colombia Sin Fronteras, the children have a safe place to go and stay out of trouble. Along with education and religion, soccer is made available to all the children -- from the youngest to the oldest. This provides a distraction from their daily lives, keeps them safe, and introduces them to life lessons taught by team sports. Colombia Sin Fronteras encompasses the true meaning of community where the area comes together for a common cause.

In 2019, 15 St. Michael's parishioners traveled to Santa Marta to conduct a medical and dental mission for the children and community of Colombia Sin Fronteras. The love and compassion our volunteers exhibited was a blessing to this beautiful and vulnerable community.

On March 1, 2020, St. Michael’s held a student sponsorship fair. Our very generous parish came together and all the students of CSF received a sponsorship! Thank you St. Michael’s!

Colombia Sin Fronteras (CSF) is a 501(c)3 (FEIN) 83-0968493 nonprofit registered with the federal IRS and led by a volunteer board of directors based primarily in San Diego and serves as the primary funding source for the CSF work that occurs in Colombia. (FEIN) 83-0968493

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