Witness to Love

Witness to Love Marriage Preparation Program

For St. Michael's Parish Marriage Preparation Guidelines, please click here

Here at St. Michaels, we are one of the leading participating parishes in the Diocesan-approved Witness to Love® marriage preparation program. This virtues-based, Mentorship Model of marriage, renewal, and preparation integrates modern principles of marriage psychology with Christian virtues to help couples and families to communicate better. This is made possible through our special mentorship program here at St. Michael’s where our newly-engaged couples seeking to be sacramentally married in the Church are joined with their own individual Mentorship Couple, trained in the Witness to Love program.

We also have our successful Witness to Love Civil Marriage Initiative project that has been especially designed for those couples who are already married and seeking to have their civil marriage made sacramental in the Church.

Anyone interested in either of these programs should contact Deacon Terry at [email protected] or the parish e-mail at [email protected]. Finally, if you are interested in becoming a trained member of our Mentorship Team, please contact Deacon Terry to understand more and become a part of the upcoming training sessions.