Mental Health Ministry

Mental illness, as commonly understood, is the improper functioning of the brain, the most complex of all organs of the human body. Mental illness is a medical condition that disrupts a person's thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and a daily functioning. Just as diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas, mental illnesses are medical conditions that often result in a diminished capacity for coping with the ordinary demands of life.

In our parish are people who live daily with mental illness. At times this may not be evident, and at other times episodes may disrupt every aspect of life, particularly relationships. Most basic in making a difference in the lives of people with mental illness is a loving regard for the person. We accompany those suffering or dealing with these challenges to remind them that they are not alone on the journey through healing and recovery.

Under the auspices of the Diocese of San Diego, our mental health ministry exists to serve individuals experiencing mental health challenges and their families by offering God's hope and love through spiritual companionship, practical support and education. We, the volunteers of this ministry, have either experienced mental health challenges, are family members of those who have experienced mental health challenges, or have worked with those affected by it. We have a heart for giving. Let us share some of the things we have learned and continue to learn on our mental health journeys. Let us walk with you through your mental health experiences and support you in whatever way we can.

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