Virtual Vigil Light

Virtual Vigil Light
To add the name of your loved one to be remembered in prayer for two weeks, click here


We remember in prayer these loved ones:

Alex B. Guerrero (Jan. 5)

Mike Kratzer (Jan. 5)

Loreta Q. Ramos (Jan. 5)

Loreta R. Ramos (Jan. 5)

Patricio Y. Ramos (Jan. 5)

Erlinda & Leonardo Farol (Jan. 9)

Chester Kowalik (Jan. 11)

Maria & Luciano Sayson (Jan. 11)

Cielito, Joseph, Sonny, Louie, Carville Sarte (Jan. 11)

Ernie Molina (Jan. 12)

James Mosquete (Jan. 12)

Larry Morgan (Jan. 18)

Jimmy Wolpert (Jan. 18)

Salek Laow (Jan. 19)

     Vigil Light Shrines have been a popular way to offer prayers of intention since the time of the very early church when candles or oil lamps were lit at the tombs of saints and martyrs. At Easter Vigil when the priest enters the darkened church with the Easter candle, he sings “Christ, Be Our Light,” to which we reply, “Thanks be to God.” When we light vigil candles, it signifies our faith in the Light of Christ. With this light of faith, we petition our Lord in prayer, or petition a saint to pray with us and for us for a specific intention. The candle remains lit for a period of time and symbolizes the desire to remain present in prayer even though we may physically depart the church and go about our business. “Vigil” comes from the Latin word vigilia and refers to “keeping watch.” In recent years, many shrines were discontinued due to the fire hazard, but thanks to new technology, we can now enjoy the use of electric vigil stands. We currently have five shrines with devotions to the Holy Family, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Santo Niño, St. Joseph, and the Blessed Mother. While we are currently unable to light candles at our electric vigil stands, we continue this practice online through our Virtual Vigil Light page.